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Supercharge Your Laravel Development and Production Experience with MoonGuard.


MoonGuard is a set of tools designed to help you in both development and production. In our ecosystem, we have created a desktop application for debugging Laravel applications and a monitoring solution for production environment.

Krater: Debugging Evolved


Discover the power of Krater - the lightweight, cross-platform application that revolutionizes Laravel app debugging on your next major project.

Experience efficient debugging with Krater as you dive deep into your Laravel apps locally. Take control as you review the latest database queries, analyze HTTP requests, capture real-time exceptions and displays data effortlessly through intuitive messages.


MoonGuard: Filament Plugin


Introducing MoonGuard, the open-source Filament package that empowers you to monitor your app's status and performance once it's released to production.

Discover the power of MoonGuard, an open-source Filament package that empowers you to monitor your app's performance and health in production. Gain valuable insights into uptime, downtime, exception logs, and more, all seamlessly integrated with your Laravel projects.

The best part? With MoonGuard, you're in control. You can easily deploy it yourself and customize it to match your own monitoring rules and preferences. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to monitor your app exactly the way you want.

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Larvis: The Interface


Larvis, a PHP package, serves as a seamless bridge connecting your app with MoonGuard Plugin or Krater. It streamlines the process of transmitting vital information, including exceptions, requests, queries, and messages, from your app to these monitoring tools

Larvis's core function is to offer a user-friendly method for processing and reporting data to MoonGuard or Krater. It optimizes communication between your app and the monitoring tools, ensuring efficiency and simplicity.

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MoonGuard: The Software Creator’s Journey

The MoonGuard team crew have created a book in which we explain in detail how we have created this as product. It is a book made by developers to developers. Learn to create plugins with Filament as well as see the whole development process of a product like MoonGuard from start to finish.

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