MoonGuard: The Software Creator's Journey

MoonGuard: The Software Creator's Journey V2

MoonGuard is the ultimate guidebook for developers and their teams. It provides practical tools and advice to help you overcome obstacles and create successful Laravel package from scratch. Get your copy today and turn your idea into a reality!

Table of content

Get a look at all the content covered in the book. Everything you need to know is inside.

“MoonGuard The Software Creator's Journey” is comprised of 315 tightly edited, highly visual pages designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to create a Filament plugin from scratch.

MoonGuard: A Journey to Monitor the Universe

  • The Idea
  • MoonGuard

MoonGuard Full or Plugin

  • What does TALL stack mean?
  • TailwindCSS
  • AlpineJS
  • Laravel Livewire
  • Laravel
  • What tools does Filament offer?
  • MoonGuard Full
  • MoonGuard Plugin
  • MoonGuard Full vs. MoonGuard Plugin

MoonGuard Plugin

  • Where do we start?

Sites: The Starting Point

  • Adding Site Model
  • Adding Config File to MoonGuardServiceProvider
  • Contracts and Repositories
  • Filament setup
  • Why?

Local Development: Preparing the environment

  • Getting started

Uptime: Ping the ship

  • What's the plan?
  • The "uptime_check_enabled" column
  • The "max_request_duration_ms" column
  • Adding Uptime checks table
  • Configuration variables
  • Adding UptimeCheck model
  • Adding UptimeCheckRepository
  • Adding CheckUptimeCommand
  • UptimeCheckService

Events, Listeners and Notifications

  • EventServiceProvider
  • Users
  • Events and Listeners
  • Notifications
  • Testing notifications

SSL Certificate: Status checks

  • The "ssl_certificate_check_enabled" column
  • Table for SSL Certificate Checks
  • Adding SSL Certificate Check Model
  • Command and Service
  • Events and Listeners
  • Notifications

Refactoring: Cleaning the ship

  • ModelRepository
  • SiteCollection
  • Enabling checks on MoonGuard

Exceptions: Reporting Potential Threats

  • What is an exception?
  • Captain, what's the plan?
  • Site and API tokens
  • Exception Structure
  • API Routes
  • Controller with batteries
  • Exception Log Resource - Filament time
  • ExceptionColumn
  • MoonGuard views and Tailwind CSS

Unit Testing: Making a Safe Journey

  • PHPUnit and TestBench
  • TestCase
  • Factories
  • Writing Tests
  • Collections Test
  • Services Tests
  • Controllers Tests
  • Listeners Tests

Dashboard: Ship Management Panel

  • Widgets and templates
  • certificate-list-item.blade.php
  • uptime-list-item.blade.php
  • performance-list-item.blade.php
  • exceptions-list-item.blade.php

Publishing: Spaceship launch

  • MoonGuard Setup
  • Publishing on Packagist

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